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The scope of works the licensed Advanced Rigger can perform:

  • Rigging of gin poles and shear legs
  • Rigging of flying foxes and cable ways
  • Rigging of guyed derricks and guyed structures
  • Erection of suspended scaffolds and fabricated hung scaffolds


Course Prerequisites:

Attendees must hold a 'Licence to Perform High Risk Works' for Intermediate Rigging or equivalent.

Course Outline:

This is a five day course, including theory and practicle training.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Dimensional and working load limit requirements of prefabricated scaffolds
  • Suspended scaffold component familiarisation
  • Formulas to maintain suspension rig stability
  • Types of derricks
  • Gin pole construction
  • Becket load formulas
  • Span ropes and flying foxes

Prior to attending the course, trainees should familiarise themselves with:

Rigging Guide Part 1

Rigging Guide Part 2

Rigging Guide Part 3

Rigging Guide Part 4

The assessment involves three parts:

  • General knowledge questions
  • A written assignment
  • Practical skills demonstration 
Course cost: P.O.A.


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